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Regent's Exam

On March 3, 2010, the University of Georgia was approved for an exemption of the Regents' Test by the Board of Regents of the University of System of Georgia. The exemption became effective immediately, and the Regent's Test is no longer a graduation requirement for currently enrolled University of Georgia students.

When will new students become exempt from the Regents' Test?
Students' exemption will appear on UGA records after official matriculation.

To test at the University of Georgia, you must request permission from your institution. Please contact your Regents' Test Coordinator.

Permission letters will only be accepted if they are sent by the approving institution. Please send the letter to:

Carol Alexander
University of Georgia
University Testing Services
145 Clark Howell Hall
Athens, GA 30602

Test Availability: 

Test availability for students NOT enrolled at the University of Georgia: The Regents' Test is administered system-wide one testing period each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer). This test is given by appointment only.

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