English Placement Exams

This test contains 60 questions and lasts 60 minutes. Based on the results, a student may be required to complete the Writing Sample Test or placed in either UNIV 1115, ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1102. If they are placed in ENGL 1102, they have exempted ENGL 1101 and will receive credit. The test can only be attempted once.  You must be a UGA student to register for this exam.

The English Placement Test consists of two parts, mechanics and rhetoric. A score of 22 (part 1) and 20 (part 2) will place students in English 1102 and give them three hours of credit for English 1101.


Test Length:
1 hour

Exams are scored on Tuesday.  Once scored, it can then take up to a week for scores to be posted to Athena.

You should be able to find your placement test scores on Athena. To access your scores:

  • Visit the Athena website at athena.uga.edu.
  • Log in using your MyID and password.
  • Click on the middle "Student" tab.
  • Click on the second link for "Student Records."
  • Click on the final link for "View Test Scores."

If you are unable to access your scores from your Athena Account, click through to the Placement Score Request form.

Further Information: 
English Placement Exam Exceptions

English First Year Composition Policies

English Placement Exam Exceptions

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Placement Exam Score Request

Scores can take take about a week to post to Athena. If you have already completed a placement exam and it's been over a week and you don't see your score in Athena, fill out the Placement Exam Score Request form.

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