Faculty and Staff FAQs

How do I order answer sheets?
You can order answer sheet by calling 706-542-3183. You will need a UGA account number for billing purposes and answer sheets are delivered via Campus Mail.

Where are you located?
We are located on first floor of Clark Howell Hall, next door to the Tate Center across from Legion Pool. For details, see our Directions and Parking page.

My exams have been processed but I have found that there was an error in my answer key, what can I do?
You may submit your test for scoring with a corrected answer key.

Is there a charge for scoring tests?
Yes,there is a charge. Please see the Scanning and Scoring page for details. Answer sheets must be purchased from UTS.

Can I use a different answer sheet?
Our scoring system is not set up for answer sheets other than the ones provided by UTS.

What scoring system do you use?
We use Exam System II to process your exams.

Can I assign different values to my answers on the key?
We are not able to weight questions on an exam with different values. You can use more than one Key for a test. Each key has the same weight. An example would be a test with 50 questions could have two different keys one with 30 questions and one with 20 questions each of these keys would have the same value for the final score. The answers on the key with 30 questions would be worth 1.666 points for a total of 50 points, the answers on the key with 20 questions would be worth 2.5 points each for a total of 50 points and both keys combined would total 100 points.

What happens if I want to "throw out" an answer?
If you would like for an answer to not be considered in the test leave that
question number blank on the key. Any response recorded by students will not be
considered by the scoring program.

Can I have more than one choice correct for an answer?
The scoring program will count all responses by students for that question number correct if more than one response is filled in. An example would be if A and C are filled in on the key for question number 10, then any response by the student will be counted as correct. If the student leaves question 10 blank, the scoring program will count it as incorrect for that student.

Can my student call you for test results?
Students are not allowed to call the testing center for results for classroom test. No information is given to students calling about classroom tests.

Do you keep my test score reports on file?
All test files are kept until final grades have posted, they are deleted 10 days after the end of the semester. If you need reports for test scored earlier in the semester you will need to provide UTS with the test date and the name of the Instructor.

Contact UTS

University Testing Services

825 S. LumpkinStreet

Athens, GA 30602


Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM



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