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Student Information

This information is for the following courses only: MATH 2250 E with Arnold, Bergonio, and LeBlanc or ENGR 2120 E, ENGR 3160E, CVLE2710E with Savadatti.  All other students in other classes please contact your professor if you have questions about your exams.

Face-to-Face Proctoring

Your online courses may require you to go to an approved testing site to be proctored in person during your exam. Students requiring face to face proctoring are responsible for locating their own college or university testing center and scheduling an appointment with that testing center.  Once you have scheduled your appointment with that testing center you must provide UTS with the contact info for your testing center.  You must schedule all of your testing appointments at least 2 weeks in advance.

*Note: UTS will not schedule appointments and find testing center locations for you.  It is your responsibility as a college student to locate a testing center and schedule your own appointments.  We charge a $28.50 support fee for sending your test to another testing center.  The testing center you test with will also charge their own testing fee.

First, check your course syllabus to determine if your instructor will require face-to-face proctoring for any or all of your exams. If your instructor does require face-to-face proctoring, please complete the following steps:

  1. Find a testing center at a college or university near you.  You may have to travel to a nearby city if your city does not have a college or university testing center.  Libraries, schools, and other non-official testing centers will not be allowed. 
  2. Schedule your appointments for all of your exams with your chosen testing center.
  3. Submit the Student Face-to-Face Proctor Form to University Testing Services in order to initiate the process of confirming a testing site at least two weeks prior to the date of the exam only if you are planning to test at another institution besides UGA.
  4. Please click here to pay your support fee.  You must login with  your UGA MyID and choose "Online Learning Support Fee"
  5. If you are having trouble finding a testing center, these links may help you:
  6. If you don't receive a confirmation of a testing location within a week of submitting your form, check with University Testing Services to confirm that they have received your testing info.

Support Hours

Support is available Monday-Friday from 8am - 5pm.

Note: Proctoring services for face-to-face testing will incur a fee of at least $28.50 per exam.

Contact UTS

University Testing Services

825 S. LumpkinStreet

Athens, GA 30602



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