Online Course Exams - Information for Faculty

Best Practices

Providing a uniform approach to testing for all your students is a best practice. The only exception to this approach would be providing accommodations for students with special needs. Students who register for online courses expect that the courses will accommodate them at their locations, unless specifically communicated otherwise. Students participating in internships, studying abroad, or just returning home for the summer are the types of students we expect to be interested in this flexible course delivery option. Creating a testing option in Athens at no charge and administered by you or someone in your department may be perceived as inequitable by those who cannot avail themselves of this testing solution.

Online Proctoring

Online proctoring involves the use of technology to record student activity while taking an exam. It requires the access to a computer with internet connectivity, a microphone, and a webcam. Online proctoring is available and being used in some online courses beginning in Summer 2013. If you are interested in having your exams proctored using the online proctoring service, please complete the steps outlined below.

To prepare your students:

  1. Provide the UGA Online Proctored Exam Statement.
  2. Provide the Student Quick Guide.
  3. Review the Instructor Quick Guide.
  4. Provide Students with Examity Pricing Info:
    • Student Pricing (one hour exam)
    • Level AA - $5.00 per student per examination
    • Level 0 - $10.00 per student per examination
    • Level 1 - $12.50 per student per examination
    • Level 2 - $15.00 per student per examination
    • Level 3 - $17.50 per student per examination
    • Additional hours are $7.00 per student per examination for level 3, $5 for level 2 and $3 for level 1. In addition, Services which are scheduled within 24 hours of the examination shall result in an additional charge of $5.00 per hour (per student per examination). Full payment will be required for any no-shows. Cancellations or changes within 24 hours of an examination will result in a $5.00 charge per occurrence.

Remind them on several occasions prior to the first official exam about your exam expectations (i.e. opened book vs. closed book.)

To schedule your exam:

  1. Contact Evan Winter at
  2. Provide Sarah with the Course Name and Course ID
  3. Contact University Testing Services at (706) 542-3183 or with any questions.

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating system Windows 7 or later Mac OS X 10.8 or later

Web Browser Google Chrome v39 or later Mozilla Firefox v34 or later Internet Explorer v8 or later Microsoft Edge Apple Safari v6 or later

Internet connection 2 Mbps or better for upload and download

Hardware 2GB or more of RAM Microphone and speakers Webcam

Face-to-Face Proctoring

A few online courses may require students to go to an approved testing site to be proctored in person during the exam. Generally, if your exam can be administered within eLC, you can utilize the online proctoring service. However, if your exams require students to provide you hand-written notes to show their work, you may require a face-to-face proctored exam.

If you will be requiring face-to-face proctoring for your exams, please complete the steps outlined below.

  1. To prepare your students, communicate the following information in your syllabus:
    < >Inform students of the number of exams to be administered using this approach.Encourage students to review the list of approved testing sites and locate one that is convenient to their location during the semester in which they are taking your online course.Inform students that a cost will be associated with using the proctoring service from the approved testing site of their choice and that the cost varies and is determined by testing site.Instruct students to complete this form for University Testing Services to make arrangements with the testing site of their choice. Students will need to be prepared to provide University Testing Services with the following information:Course name
  2. Instructor name
  3. Date chosen to take their exam (as outlined in the syllabus)
  4. Length/duration of the exam (as outlined in the syllabus)
  5. Preferred testing location(s)
  6. To schedule your exam(s).
    • Determine how many exams you will administer using this approach.
    • Contact University Testing Services to schedule your exams at

Contact UTS

University Testing Services

825 S. LumpkinStreet

Athens, GA 30602



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