Do I need to take placement test(s) before Freshman Orientation?
Usually students need to take Math, English, and a Foreign Language. Please see exemptions for placement tests on the following links:

If I am required to take a placement test, should I take it before my Orientation Sessions?
Yes, the earlier you take the placement tests, the easier your advising session will be.

What is on the Mathematics Exemption test?

Please click on the following link: Math Exemption Test Topics

Is MATH 1113 required on my transcript in order to register for CHEM 1211+L?
Yes. If your transcript (AP/dual-enrollment/etc…) has not been received you will not be able to register for CHEM 1211. However, if you take the Mathematics exemption test and exempt Math 1113, you will be able to register.

Can I place out of English 1101 and/or English 1102 or earn course credit?
Yes. Please click on the following link: English Placement Exam Exceptions

I have AP credit but UGA does not have record of my AP scores before my Orientation session. Do I need to take placement tests?
Classes fill up quickly. If you want to register while at orientation, you should take the test. UGA will use the highest score for placement.

Is there one Foreign Language Department?
No. Foreign languages are in many different departments. If you plan to register for a foreign language course, and you have two years of a foreign language on your transcript, you are advised to take the foreign language placement test in the language you took in high school. Click the following link to determine which language and area of study you might need.