Online Proctored Exam Statement

This statement outlines proctoring and exam security expectations for students when online-proctored exams are given in a course.


Cheating on exams is contrary to both academic integrity standards and to ethical standards as articulated in A Culture of Honesty.

Online-proctored exams are proctored using Examity, the online testing solution. Students taking online-proctored exams are required to use this system.


Examity, the online testing solution, will be used with online-proctored exams as instructed by faculty.

Students are required to establish identity following the procedures outline in the Examity instructions provided at the beginning of a test session.

Students are responsible for self-testing the functionality of the system well in advance of all online proctored exams in their courses so that any troubleshooting that is required can be accomplished. Check with your instructor for available practice exams.

Test Environment Requirements

The online testing environment should mimic an 'in class' testing environment, and must conform to the following:

  • A quiet, secure, fully lighted room for the exam
  • No other people in the room
  • No communicating with anyone with the exception of contact with a faculty member or support staff if an emergency occurs
  • No cell phone use is allowed for any purpose
  • No leaving the room
  • Nothing except computer and external cameras on the desktop or tabletop - removal of all books, papers, notebooks, or other materials, unless specifically permitted in written guidelines for a particular exam
  • External cameras (webcams) should be placed on the lid of the laptop or where it will have a constant, uninterrupted view of the test taker
  • No writing on desk or on walls
  • No music playing
  • No additional monitors or computers running in the exam room
  • No headphones or ear buds allowed
  • No accessing materials within other computer applications such as browser searches on the web

Have the webcam correctly situated:

  • Webcam must be focused on the individual taking exam at all times.
  • Nothing may cover the lens of the camera at any time during the exam.
  • Lighting must be "daylight" quality. Overhead lighting is preferred. If overhead lighting is not possible, the light source should not be behind the student.

Examity, the online testing solution, works with a webcam and microphone either built-in or attached to the computer. These devices identify the student and capture video and audio throughout the exam and upload it to a secure server. This video will be used for the purpose of establishing if any suspicious activity occurred during the test. When possible academic dishonesty is observed, the instructor will be provided a copy of the video.

Wherever the student chooses to take the exam, the testing environment should resemble a traditional proctored exam environment.

Suspected Violations

All exam videos can and will be reviewed by the course instructor. When suspected violations of the academic honesty policy occur, appropriate procedures are in place to protect the integrity of the academic process while ensuring due process. The University of Georgia's academic honesty policy and procedures, A Culture of Honesty, may be found at: