Foreign Language Placement Exams

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Please note:The Foreign Language Placement Test may only be taken once.

This test is required of all incoming freshmen who had foreign language in high school and wish to continue that same language in college. This exam is used for placement and may only be attempted once. All tests are 60 minutes and vary in the number of questions (maximum 100). A student cannot register for the foreign language that was used to satisfy the CPC requirement unless a test score is on file from either Departmental testing, the College Board SAT II or the College Board Advanced Placement Program.

Languages Covered: French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish. For all other languages, please call the department.

Test Availability:

Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Test Length:
60 minutes
Max Test Length:
60 Minutes

Your test results will be available the next Thursday morning after your test date. Please seeForeign Language Score Breakdown and Placement Listings for more information.
You should be able to find your placement test scores on Athena. To access your scores:

  • Visit the Athena website at
  • Log in using your MyID and password.
  • Click on the middle "Student" tab.
  • Click on the second link for "Student Records."
  • Click on the final link for "View Test Scores."

If you are unable to access your scores from your Athena Account, click through to thePlacement Score Request form.

Further Information:

Attention: If you are taking the Foreign Language Placement Exam as part of your Orientation schedule at the Miller Learning Center, please use this link to book your exam. Foreign Language Placement Orientation