Foreign Language Placement Exams


A foreign language placement exam may be required for students who plan to continue studying the same foreign language in college that they studied in high school.  These exams are used for placement. Students may earn credit or exempt courses depending on how they perform on the exams. Exams may only be attempted once. If those students do not exempt 1001 and 1002, they must be placed into 1110.

University Testing Services offers exams in Hebrew, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. For exams in other languages, please contact the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences for a list of individual departments to contact. A student cannot register for the foreign language that was used to satisfy the CPC requirement unless a test score is on file from either Departmental testing, the College Board SAT II or the College Board Advanced Placement Program.  You must be a UGA student to register for this exam.

For more information about previously earned credit, please see the following links:

UGA AP Credit Equivalencies
UGA IB Credit Equivalencies
UGA SAT II Credit Equivalencies

Your advisor can help you determine the appropriate course to take if you wish to continue in the same language.

If you have any questions about scheduling a placement exam, please contact University Testing Services at (706)542-3183.

Students interested in completing an assessment interview for placement in American Sign Language courses should contact the Mary Frances Early College of Education.

Placement tests for Hebrew, Spanish and French are offered via ELC Respondus Monitor.  You can register for these exams via our website.

Other language placement exams can be taken in-person in our testing center.  You can register for these exams via our website.

$30 each

Test Length:
1 hour

Exams are scored on Tuesday.  Once scored, it can then take up to a week for scores to be posted to Athena.

You should be able to find your placement test scores on Athena. To access your scores:

  • Visit the Athena website at
  • Log in using your MyID and password.
  • Select Student and Registration, then Student Profile, and then Prior Education and Testing.

If you are unable to access your scores from your Athena Account, click through to the Placement Score Request form.


Register for an Exam

You will be redirected to the RegisterBlast site, where you will receive instructions on logging in and signing up.

Placement Exam Score Request

Scores can take take about a week to post to Athena. If you have already completed a placement exam and it’s been over a week and you don’t see your score in Athena, fill out the Placement Exam Score Request form.