Math Placement Exceptions

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The Mathematics Department strongly advises students to take the math placement exam. The department also asks that students take the exam seriously and review basic algebra and trigonometry before the exam. You will have only one attempt at the exam, and your math placement and possible exemption of a core course depend on your results. Students who receive AP credit for calculus on the Calculus AB or BC exams do not need to take the exam. For a list of topics covered on the exam, see the department’s preparation page.

The math departmental placement exam only places students into math classes and does not award credit.

All students who have not earned credit in or exempted MATH 1113 are strongly recommended to take the math departmental placement exam. Calculators are not permitted for this exam.

Students may have earned credit in or exempted MATH 1113 by:

  • Scoring 3 or higher on the AP Calculus AB exam or the AP Calculus BC exam
  • Scoring 6 or higher on the IB Higher Level Mathematics exam
  • Earning dual enrollment credit in MATH 1113

The math placement exam consists of 26 questions. The cost of the math placement exam is $28.50, and the exam lasts 60 minutes.

Depending on your score on the math placement exam, you may be required to take the Algebra Supplement. If you are required to take the Algebra Supplement, you will be notified by email or letter and may come back to campus during the summer to take the supplement or wait until your first semester.

If you have any questions about credit, exemptions, or preparation for the math placement exam, please contact the Mathematics Department at (706) 542-2211.

If you have any questions about scheduling a placement exam, please contact University Testing Services at (706) 542-3183.

If you are currently taking a UGA Math class, you are not eligible to take the Math Exemption Exam.